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One of the best in its range

The motor boat Berkut S-C (Cabin) has a rigid trunk cabin. Going for a long distances, travelling or fishing, you should remember that the weather can change at any time, but the cover will both shield and provide all the conditions for comfort.


4.7 m

1.65 m

1.35 m

3/2 mm


250 kg

4 persons

50 HP

50 l

400 kg

It is designed for use with outboard engines with a capacity of 15 to 50 HP. Two persons standing at the same side do not cause serious hull heeling; therefore, the movement of passengers along the boat hull can be easy. The boat is very affordable (in terms of price) and has a full standard configuration in terms of steering, mooring and electrical equipment. The boat is made of aluminium with a bottom thickness of 3 mm and broadsides of 2 mm. All connections are welded using double-boiling technology.




The motor boat Berkut S-C (Cabin) is equipped with a hard top,
which closes the fore part of the cockpit (in the classification of boats Hard Top - trunk cabin) 

The aluminium trunk cabin forms habitable space sheltered from wind and rain. Together with the tent the trunk cabin creates a quite good place for overnight stay.

In the front of the cabin there is a passage to the boat's head through a glass door.   




The motor boat Berkut S-C (Cabin) is made in two versions: Standard and Comfort. When choosing a motor boat, carefully study what is included in one or another configuration.

Configuration Standart Comfort
Price 550 000 roubles* 599 000 roubles*
Hull Welded, foamed Welded, foamed
Floorboards Laminated plywood with rubber edging Laminated plywood with Marideck coating
Hull powder paint RAL 9007 (grey) Paint colour by choice
Glazing Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Bow railing Low Low
A trunk cabin with front door Aluminium welded with windshield Aluminium welded with windshield
Echo-sounder sensor mounting area Yes Yes
Stationary welded tank of 35l with fuel level indicator Yes Yes
Small glove box Two in the cabin Two in the cabin
Large glove box Two in an after body Two in an after body
Stern railing Yes Yes
Equipment of a stern part of cockpit Folding aft sofa with cushioning Folding aft sofa with cushioning
Lamp in the cabin Yes Yes
Finishing of the cabin with carpet Yes Yes
Stern crinolines Yes Yes
Hinges for covers and doors plastic stainless
Soft overlays on broadside boxes optional Yes
Rowlocks for oars Yes Yes
Cockpit guard railing Yes Yes
Pneumatic pressure gauge for the door in the cabin Optional Yes
Welded handle for the passenger Yes Yes
A set of soft linings in the cabin optional Yes
* due to the unstable economic situation in the world – the price may change. Check the exact price with the sellers.




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