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 Modern and fast-moving design

The intended purpose of Berkut L-Jacket Aluma is outdoor activities. This configuration is more suitable for water sports and recreation. The design of the boat contributes to it. However, do not forget about fishing. The very modern and fast-moving design of the boat is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.


5.65 m

2.07 m

1.53 m

3/4 mm


430 kg

6 persons

115 HP

100 l

600 kg

The motor boat Berkut L-Jacket Aluma is made of aluminium alloy. The rigidity of the hull is provided by a longitudinal-transverse set. The thickness of the broadside is 3 mm, the bottom - 4 mm. The transom as it is moved backward it facilitates getting in planning mode already with a minimum engine of 70 HP. Permissible maximum power of the outboard motor is 115 HP. Deadrise on the transom of 18 degrees allows gently overcoming the waves, thought out chines significantly reduce splashes. With a wave of up to 0.5 meters, the cockpit remains almost dry.




The windshield has an openable middle section for a comfortable exit on a bow. For this purpose, there are three steps built in front. 

Luggage compartment is placed under foredeck and is made of corrugated plate. On the deck hatch, there is a cut-in deck base to where you can quickly move chair. There are two low railings on the sides.

Due to the outboard motor (stern together with transom are moved backward), noise and vibration of engine are minimal, cockpit is very large, which means that more supplies and purveyance can be taken.






Configuration Comfort
Prise 899 000 roubles *
Hull (without an anchor chamber) Welded, foamed
Plywood floorboards Laminated plywood with Marideck coating
Hull powder paint Paint colour by choice
Glazing tempered glass
Electrical equipment Fuses, wiring, mass switch, battery clamps, battery attachment area
Bow railing Low
Echo-sounder sensor mounting area Yes
Steering kit LUX helm, gearbox, steering rope
Stationary welded tank of 100 litres aluminium of 100 litres with fuel level sensor, made in USA
Bilge pump Electric, 1500 gallons/hour
Large glove box Two in the after body
Small glove box Left to the passenger
Additional transom Yes
Welded ladder “Berkut” Yes
Area for an anchor roller Optional
Cockpit guard railing Yes
Fishing bait holder Welded one on the door between consoles
Handle in the passenger console Leather
Cigarette lighter socket portable
Tank filler neck Stainless
Hinges for covers and doors Stainless
Button block 4 keys with backlit
Cup holders 2 stainless ones in a step
Captain’s chair The captain’s swivel chair on sleds and removable stand
Passenger’s seat The captain’s swivel one on the removable stand
Running lights Diode red, Diode green, fore, white stern light.
Equipment of a stern part of cockpit For choice: locker transformer /2 welded lockers + table/stern seat with a lining
Trench gates (if equipped with a stern seat) stainless
Glove box in the passenger console With plastic cover
Marideck on floorboards Yes
Soft overlays on gunwales Yes
Tray table Yes, if configuration includes stern steps or lockers
Sound signal Yes
Plastic cap of bilge pump Yes
Crinolines behind transom Yes
An insert for ski tow pylon Yes
* due to the unstable economic situation in the world – the price may change. Check the exact price with the sellers.

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Hull painting options


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