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New design, new technology.

The main feature of new Active series is the buoyancy blocks in the form of hermetic hollow compartments organically fitting in the body: no foam or polyurethane foam.


6.9 m

2.45 m

4/3 mm


1100 kg

7 persons

115-225 HP

180 l





Our designers have applied the principle allowing to provide boat boards with hermetic hollow compartments with rib stiffeners and splash boards, which additionally give the boat brutal, “faceted” appearance.

These bodies are mainly “faceted” above the chine; bottom, including the fore body is quite classic.

The motor boat stands out with an increased security and stability on the water, while loading capacity is 1500 kg. During trials and tests, the motor boat speed up to 70 km/h with a 150 hp motor and two passengers on board.





 The motor boat Berkut Active-HT is made in Standard version. 

Configuration Standart from 2 400 000 Roubles*

* due to the unstable economic situation in the world – the price may change. Check the exact price with the sellers.

1.1. All-welded body from AMG-5M 2.1. Polyurethane paint.
1.2. Rail guard kit. 2.2. There are 2 colors to choose from according to the color chart on the website.
1.3. Additional transom under the engine (9.9 hp). 3) FELLING GLAZING:
1.4. Welded glasses on the body (12 pcs). 3.1. Tempered glass 6 mm (5 pcs)
1.5. Radar Arch (1 pc). 3.2. Sliding windows of the captain and passenger.
1.6. Self-draining cockpit 3.3. Bow hatch 1 pc.
1.7. Aerator tank in the stern. (? liters) 4) INTERIOR:
1.8. Vinyl sticker on the sides. 4.1. Carpets Sintec (USA)
1.9. Non-slip coating for trampling. 4.2. Deck coating Marideck (USA)
1.10. 180 l fuel tank with fuel gauge. 4.3. The inner color of the housing Zolotone (USA)
1.11. Knecht plastic 200 mm. (6 pcs). 4.4. Soft linings in the cabin of Silver Tex (USA)
1.12. Anode pad (2 pcs). 4.5. Stern curtain with mosquito net (Sunbrella)
1.13. The platform under the sounder sensor (2pcs). 4.6. Removable sun protective visor.
1.14. Stainless steel folding ladder 3 steps 4.7. Captain and passenger seat with lateral support.
1.15. Transom to choose from (L-510 / XL -630 mm) 4.8. Passenger seats in the wheelhouse - 3 pcs.
  4.9. Seats for passengers to the stern of the cockpit - 2 pcs.
  4.10. Locker in the bow of the berth - 1 pc.
5.1. Relay gearbox, steering cable. (designed for a motor up to 150 hp, with a larger motor power a hydraulic control system is needed)  
5.2. Logo steering wheel  
6.1. Running lights red / green diode - 1 pc.  
6.2. Stern fire diode - 1 pc.  
6.3. Top Fire - 1 pcs.  
6.4. Lamp in the salon - 1 pc.  
6.5. Sound signal - 1 pc.  
6.6. Captain's secreter - 1 pcs.  
6.7. 1500 GPH Electric Bilge Pump - 2 pcs.  
6.8. Chrome drain pump fitting - 2 pcs.  
6.9. Electrical Preparation - Fuses, Wiring, Battery Terminals, Battery Mounting Pad, 2 Battery Key Switch  
6.10. Button block 6 keys with backlight



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