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Simple, laconian, lightweight

The motor boat Berkut XS is the smallest one in the Berkut series. Simple, laconian, lightweight, it is ideal for both fishermen and hunters. If to say easier, it is “angular”, but good.


3.9 m

1.54 m

3/2 mm

110 kg

3 persons

15 HP

The weight of the aluminium boat Berkut XS with equipment and supplies (without motor) is 110 kg. So, using it with a motor up to 10 HP, it is not required to register it in the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels, and driving licence is not necessary. The stern seat and bow seat with lockers are included in the basic configuration, two large and two small glove boxes (in the stern and bow part) will help you remove fishing tackle and supplies so that they don’t mess up in the boat





Berkut XS is lightweight (110 kg), which means that two persons can transport it to the water. It is very convenient for hunters and fishermen.

Berkut XS is open, more rowing boat rather than a motorboat. Although with a motor, it feels great on the water.

Berkut XS has a bottom thickness of 3 mm. Stern and high bow railings will help going on waves.







From 150 000 


Welded, foamed

2. Floorboards

Laminated plywood with rubber edging

3. Hull powder paint

Ral 6020

4. Stern railing


5. Echo-sounder sensor mounting area


 6. Cutout for the tiller


7. Bow railing


8. Transom handles


9. Equipment of a stern part of cockpit

 Welded aluminium stern seat with a hole for a portable tank

10. Bow seat

Welded aluminium bow seat with a lid

 11. Rowlocks for oars


12. Welded recess


Additional options:


Hand pump


A set of soft linings


Transportation tent


PVC bimini top


Mini PVC bimini top


Welded console


A set of oars


Main seat with a locker


Video & Photos


Hull painting options


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